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With my father-in-law's help with his truck and motorcycle trailer the Bug went off to the stripper. We strapped it down using the tie down straps inside the trailer but it really wasn't necessary. It's hard to tell from the photo but the fit was very tight. The door was rubbing against the end of the Bug when we closed it. Inslde the Bug went the doors and fenders and the hood went in the bed of the truck. Once it was in there away we went for it's farthest trip from home and only the second it's left the garage in almost six years.

We dropped the Bug off on a Monday evening at American Stripping on Cary Street in Richmond, Virginia. Here she is sitting on her cart in the blast bay with the doors and other body pieces in the background. American Stripping uses volcanic ash for stripping. I researched multiple methods for how to do it and all of them had it's pros and cons. And everyone I talked with said their way was best. I debated using chemical strippers myself but I was worried about the heath effects of it. Sand was another option but it's apparently very easy to warp the metal with it. I also looked into soda blasting but it requires a soap and water rinse to neutralize it afterwards and I was worried it would get into crevices and cause rust.
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Four days after I dropped her off she was ready to be picked up. The cost was a little higher than I expected owing to there being three layers of paint and two layers of primer on it. I left a few areas of the original orange paint inside intact. Stripping the Bug uncovered a number of tiny pin holes and much more body filler than I expected. There was also a lot of the ash media in every crevice that had to be vacuumed and blown out. In order to protect the metal from rusting until she could be painted I had her coated with a coat of Ospho.

Quite a bit of body filler was found in the driver side front quarter panel. At some point in her life she'd been hit up front and repaired as there's crinkled metal inside the trunk. I'm guessing this filler was a result of that accident as well.
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This is the bottom of the passenger side rear quarter panel. This area is prone to rust and I wasn't surprised by the filler found here. I'm going to have it ground out to make sure that any holes or rust behind it are fixed before she's painted. The stripping also uncovered some small holes in the same area on the driver side as well.

The filler on the hood surprised me. It almost looks like hail damage. It was suggested to me that I should replace it because the body filler may crack later. I'm trying my best however to keep the Bug as original as possible though and I feel bad every time I have to replace a piece of it.
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