After I bought my house and moved in I started putting things up on the walls of the garage. Among these were old license plates that had been on past Volkswagens I’d owned and a few others that hold some meaning. From there my family started giving me their old plates as well and now the collection stands at thirty-four. I also have a few metal county tags that were the predecessors to the windshield stickers that most counties in Virginia were using until a few years ago.

Left Photo:

FSY-738 - These were the plates on my mom's 1984 Volvo Station Wagon that she had when I was growing up. The folding seat in the trunk area was my favorite feature of that car.

WRC-240 - Originally on my dad's 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit (until being t-boned and totaled by a driver that ran a red light) and later on the Suburu that replaced it.

JALR - These were on my mom's Honda Accord and along with her initials hold special significance as they're breast cancer awareness plates and she's a survivor.

Lousiana Tags - I lived in Baton Rouge for eighteen months when I was growing up. These were the plates on my parents' cars while we were down there.

Virginia is for Lovers plates - Louisiana only required one plate and my parents had these made by a vendor at a flea market for the front of their cars.

DOTTIE C and DOT-CLC - These plates belong to my wife's late grandfather and grandmother.

Right Photo:

GIDONK - These were on my late father's truck. I made a blog post about their significance here.

CRAZD VW - CrazedVW was a screen name I used online for years and lacking anything else witty when I got the Jetta I had it put on the plates for that car.

AA-5466 and PMA-445 - Virginia allows original year of issue plates to be used on same year antique vehicles. One of these sets will go on the Bug when it's completed. As it is 1973 was the last year for single year issued plates. After that the state went to yearly stickers to show that the annual vehicle registration had been paid.

'73 Henrico Tags
- Prior to windshield stickers (which most Virginia counties did away with several years ago) counties issued separate metal tags to show that the annual personal property tax had been paid. Just like with the original 1973 plates above one of these will be put on the Bug once it's done to add another little accessory to the car.

VDUBBIN - These plates were originally on my Bug from the time I bought it the first time in September 1997 until mid-1999 when I got the Y73 BUG plates.

Y73 BUG - The explanation for these and the name of the site can be found on the About page.

80212 Antique VA Plates - These were on the Bug when I bought it back the second time until they were replaced by the original '73 plates that were on it when it caught fire.

PGC-218 - I bought these original 1973 plates on Ebay and registered them on the Bug a few days before it caught fire. The blackened one was on the decklid.